StoryBoarding & Character Development
Instructor: TBA


Grades 5-12 & Adult: Saturdays 12:30 - 3:30PM

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Characters are the most important component of any narrative. The story would be hard to follow without a character leading it and the creation of these characters is an important skill to posses as an artist. Understanding what is conveyed by a characters clothing, body shape, physical demeanor and coloration will help artists to create characters with intent and meaning. In this course students will cover the basic building blocks of a characters form with the circle, square and triangle, the psychology of color choice, the personality diamond and then place these characters within a mini-narrative. 

Students will work individually and together practicing methods of visual storytelling.  Acting out scenes and working from recorded footage will be encouraged to help students understand professional methods.  Main topics will include perspective, mood / beat boards, camera angle / vantage point, composition, clarity to audience, shot sequence and more.  Students will "stand on the shoulders of giants" by studying professional film sequences, storyboards, and animatics of their favorite genres to discover methods and inspiration.


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