O N L I N E    R E G I S T R A T I O N


All 10 week courses are $400 per term for Members and $475* per term for Non-Members.
All 5 week courses are $200 per term for Members and $275* per term for Non-Members.
A 10-Class Coupon Book is also available for students with varying schedules.

* Pricing includes $50 material fee and $25 registration fee, which are waived with the purchase of an annual membership.

C O U P O N   B O O K S

Coupons Books Available Exclusively for Members

In addition to the continuous 10 week and 5 week sessions; A third option for those individuals who travel frequently or when Fort Lauderdale is your second home.

Coupon Book Price: $450

As an adult member of the Fat Village Center for the Arts and for a minimal surcharge, you are entitled to the option of purchasing a COUPON BOOK for ten (10) classes redeemable at your convenience, usable for up to one year.  This allows you to attend classes in the same registered course, when you are in town and the class is in session. You must acknowledge that this choice would not allow your course to be sequential and would not work for all course offerings.

Prior arrangements must be established with the administration and the instructor of your chosen course.

Suggested courses that are conducive to this choice:

For questions about a coupon book, please contact Registration, at 954-716-7611 or info@fatvillagecenterforthearts.com