The artistic understanding of the human form is only obtained through a lifetime of study.  Anatomy and structure of the human form is learned through the use of live models, as well as reference to the skeleton and muscle structure. Continued practice outside of and in addition to formal instruction is essential to every artist.  We will be hosting weekly Open Life Drawing Sessions for students, whatever your skill level may be.

Models will perform everything from dynamic gestural poses,  short poses, and extended poses for anatomical study.  This serves as an open studio environment with no formal instruction.  Students are encouraged to work in the medium of their choice.  A complete studio environment with easels, drawing boards, etc. is provided.  Personal drawing and/or painting materials are the responsibility of each individual student.



Note: Sessions are held continuously throughout the year

 Open Life Drawing

Monitor:  Niko Yulis

Friday: 5:00pm - 9:00pm

Friday 5pm - 9pm5 sessions 6th session free5 weeks $150REGISTER