H2O and Pigment: Watercolor Painting

Thursday, 6:30-9:30 PM

Instructor: Janet  Onofrey 

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10 WeeksMarch 19 - June 2$450*/$525**REGISTER
5 Weeks (A)March 19 - April 28$250*/$325**REGISTER
5 Weeks (B)April 30 - June 2$250*/$325**REGISTER

This class covers all the skills and knowledge necessary to create exciting watercolor paintings. A wide range of techniques (wet-in-wet, layering, dry brush) will be explored in the study of still life, landscape, figure and abstraction.

The class will experiment with a variety of paper and watercolor media. Having fun, learning to “play” with the watercolor paint and experimenting with various techniques will help to further advance the painting projects.

There will be many demonstrations and each student will receive individual attention as well as critiques.

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