Grades 1-4 Homeschool: Drawing and Painting
InstructorNatty Loth

Tuesdays, 1 - 4 PM

10 WeeksMarch 24 - May 26$300*/$375**REGISTER
5 Weeks(A)March 24 - April 21$150*/$225**REGISTER
5 Weeks(B)April 24 - May 26$150*/$225**REGISTER

Fridays, 9 AM - Noon

10 WeeksMarch 27 - May 29$300*/$375**REGISTER
5 Weeks(A)March 27 - April 24$150*/$225**REGISTER
5 Weeks(B)April 28 - May 29$150*/$225**REGISTER

All lessons are fun and age appropriate. Student will develop create, technical and observational skills to enhance their personal interpretation and imagination. Painting, drawing, design, pencil, charcoal, pastels, inks, clay, etc. are explored to develop their thought processes and motor skills in a safe and creative environment. Student are guided in groups and individually through a variety of projects that encourage technique, creativity, exploration and experimentation. Vocabulary, and self-expression are discussed and encouraged. 

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