Got Narrative?: Character Development
Instructor: Gerard Powell

Youth (Grades 5-12): Saturdays, 12:30 - 3:30 PM

10 WeeksJanuary 16 - March 19$300*/$375**REGISTER
5 Weeks (A)January 16 - February 13$150*/$225**REGISTER
5 Weeks (B)February 13 - March 19$150*/$225**REGISTER

Characters are the most important component of any narrative. The story would be hard to follow without a character leading it and the creation of these characters is an important skill to posses as an artist. Understanding what is conveyed by a characters clothing, body shape, physical demeanor and coloration will help artists to create characters with intent and meaning. In this course students will cover the basic building blocks of a characters form with the circle, square and triangle, the psychology of color choice, the personality diamond and then place these characters within a mini-narrative. 

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