Donna Haynes
Alternative Media Instructor

My conceptual process begins with a spark, an idea. I do many sketches and often large scale drawings to bring my vision to life. Depending on the concept, I choose various mediums to address my subject. I use varied mediums because I believe the idea should dictate the medium. In my sculptures, I look for objects that will tell my stories and I intricately weave a narrative into each piece of art.

I tell stories because I think it’s the soul of our existence. Meeting others and hearing their stories is why I believe we are here. We are here to form relationships, to meet, interact, make friends, love, and record a lineage. My artwork is an extension of this idea. Each piece records a point in time, a conversation, a story passed down from generation to generation. My hope is that these visual stories will reach my audience in a new way. Perhaps they will create their own story or bring back an old memory.