Daina Stabulniece
Drawing & Painting Instructor

I am a painter from Riga, Latvia, where I attended and received my BFA, and MFA from the Riga Academy of Art.  I came to America and continued my studies and received my second MFA from the Hoffberger School of Painting, Maryland Institute College of Art, Baltimore, Maryland from which I graduated in 2004.  My subject matter focuses on the figure, both male and female, and often contrasts the curvilinear forms of the nude with a rectilinear structure.

I am from Northern Europe and it was there that I studied, learned, painted, and observed the life going around me. Living on the coast of the Baltic Sea afforded me a view of the horizon line. It was this view of the land meeting the sea that taught me how to interpret space. From this reality, I have constructed my three-dimensional space on the two-dimensional of canvas. My imagery affords a view of myself both inside and outside of this space.