Anatomy and Structure
Instructor: Daina Stabulniece


5 Weeks (Session A)September 15 - October 13$150*/$225**REGISTER

The artistic understanding of the human form is a lifetime of study. Anatomy and structure (the study and analysis of the skeleton and muscular structure of the human figure) is learned through the use of live models, as well as reference to the skeleton and muscle structure. Students will understand the proportions of the human form through the study of the skeletal and muscle structure; this knowledge is then applies to the artist's interpretation of human proportions. Models preform dynamic gestural poses as well as extended poses. The Instructor works intensely with students to develop drawing skills, engages them in the understanding of the human form and how to view its physical characteristics. The study of the human form greatly enhances observational skills, drawing skills, and creative expression and is an essential component for the visual artist. All levels of skill are welcome. 

This course also includes a $60 model fee.

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