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Alejandro Mendoza

Title: Mixed Media and Sculpture Instructor


I am, by default, the illustrator of my ideas, even though I seem to lie to myself constantly. Creating is the most "bestial" process of my conclusions. It is the energy of starting something without exactly knowing the actual outcome.

My environment are constants in my aesthetic proposal, which is tied to the parallel need to understand common sense and making my interpretation of it more or less acceptable or understandable.

Creating is the experience of being constantly unsatisfied. When this happens, I should redo and lie to myself again.

Alejandro Mendoza

About my “Location Drawings Series”:

Constantly in our path we have to recalculate our location. It has meaning for culture, color, race, language, intellect, money, power and, of course, ART. Everybody dreams of a dream location because location has become a great goal in our life. It is a socially empty concept and speculative. It is one of the must radical modern concepts as a sign and symbol in today’s society.